The Uses of Linen

1 Household Textile

Linen's intrinsic qualities of high moisture absorption, strength, excellent launderability and excellent colour fastness when dyed or printed (that is, the colours do not fade) allied to the fact that it does not "lint" when used to dry glasses etc. maek it probably the best fibre for household textiles. Its agreeable handle and luxurious appearance add to its value.

2 Furnishing Fabrics

Linen is strong, its colours are fast to washing, dry cleaning and to light, and it can be manufactured so as to have excellent dimensional stability (that is, it will not shrink). These qualities make Linen an excellent raw material for furnishings fabrics. Linen furnishings fabrics cover a wide range - curtainings, sheers, upholstery fabrics and wallcoverings.

3 Linen Clothing

Linen is leading the way towards a new, more casual and confortable style of leisure and sports clothes. They breathe. They are confortable . They absorb perspiration rapidly and they are soft - and become softer the more they are used and washed. Linen is also extremely healthy and has no allergenic properties, and is very strong .

The Master of Linen label is available only to those producers located in Europe and guarantee the linen of the highest quality.

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