The Anatomy of Flax

Flax flower actual size
The botanical name of cultivated flax (of both the "oil" and "textile" varieties) is linum usitatissimum. One of the varieties of this species is characterised by long (80/120 cm) relatively unbranched stem and bears small seeds - this is textile flax . Another variety has shorter stems (50/70 cm) and somewhat larger seeds. This variety is used for the production of vegetable oil - "linseed oil". The flower of the flax plant has five petals, whose colour varie according to the variety, from a pure "Linen blue", through rose (more less violet) to white. The microscopic examination of a cross section of the plant shows the different layers of cellulose (98%), extracted from these different layers. The length, the composition and the cohesion of the fibre bundles produce the strongest, the most absorbent, most confortable of natural fibres.
Flax seeds
Cross-section of seed boll and single seeds

Flax flowerFlax straw


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